A Vanilla Story Clean Hands |Black|

A Vanilla Story Clean Hands |Black|

100% Pure Organic Vanilla Hand Sanitizer 

A healthy sanitizing and moisturizing liquid that uses 100% pure organic vanilla!

Best for chefs, bakers, gourmands, cooks, homemakers, foodies and culinary students.

Use before and after cooking, baking, eating or just for maintaining clean, fresh and germ-free hands!

100% Pure Organic Vanilla Oil, Alcohol, Water.          


Made in the Philippines.

A Vanilla Story products are artisanal creations, hand-crafted with care for your body, your home and your heart.

Vanilla Bodycare is made of real, organic Vanilla oil. Vanilla has antioxidant properties for the skin and its fresh, yummy scent is light and soothing.

For the child in all of us, harkening memories of fantasy and bedtime stories.

A Vanilla Story is a world for all things Vanilla… handmade & pure.

No Artificial Colors or Fragrance, 100% Pure Organic Vanilla Oil

150 PHP
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