Luci Solar Light for Advancement of Rural Kids (AR

Luci Solar Light for Advancement of Rural Kids (AR

Illuminate the night & empower lives with micro #solarenergy: Now available at #cutieverse --- Luci Solar Lamp by MPOWERD Inc. is an easy-to-use, high-quality inflatable solar lantern and task light that is maintenance-free and waterproof. Whether for travel or disaster relief, Luci always shines bright. The Luci solar lamps were brought to the #Philippines through Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK)*, an organization that helps impoverished kids go back to school. Proceeds of the sale of Luci lamps from will benefit ARK programs. || ||

ARK's sustainability model can be quite an interesting feature as well. The model was able to demonstrate how a community can feed at P2.00/meal, using organic food.  

It's also commendable how these Yolanda-devastated communities (which did not get any media and barely any support/relief/aid) are pulling themselves together out of this experience and out of hunger and poverty -- quite a different story from the hand-out approach that we see in Tacloban.

ARK uses the school as a conduit to create a self-sustaining platform that starts with a feeding program as a means to keep children from dropping out of school. 

Teachers, parents, and barangay officials get to work out their own unique solutions to help improve their living conditions. In as early as 3 months communities can already support 50% of the feeding program budget!     

ARK's co-founder, Ayesha Vera-Yu,  a Filipina living in New York and is currently in the Philippines for her usual visit to ARK communities. 

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